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Námskeið á Íslandi 25.-27. júní

by | 25. jún, 2012 | Fréttir


Bibliodrama – European multicultural project in five countries with courses in Iceland 25-27. June

About 30 people group, Christians, Jews and Muslims from Iceland, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Israel met in the Congregational Cathedrahl the pond on 25 and 27. June and is involved in bibliodrama-course. Avoid turning the friendly course is to adopt this methodology role playing in a few key stories from different sources and having a conversation about the way different cultural and religious traditions in Europe.

It is the Reykjavík Academy and Physical bishop involved in this European multicultural project Bibliodrama with representatives of the four countries. Delegates have different backgrounds, some are Christians, but other Muslims or Jews. The project is funded by the Grundtvig program for adult European.

Bibliodrama (biblios – a book in Greek) is a method that has spread throughout the world in the last twenty years. She is based in part on the methods of psychology to use role play to understand themselves and others (pshycodrama). The aim is also to see the culture and religion as reflected in the pivotal stories of different traditions and apply methods role-playing games to understand the stories.

The purpose is to increase understanding and tolerance of pluralism of modern Europe.

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